Nov 18, 2011

Brazil: Job Creation

Today, the data from Caged (General Register of Employed and Unemployed) was released. The Caged is a data bank related of the Ministry of Labor with monthly survey on the behavior of the registered labor market. The survey data are obtained from information submitted by companies on admissions and dismissals of employees.

The Brazilian economy has created 126,143 jobs in October with a formal contract. Over he year, 2,241,574 jobs have been opened. In the previous month, fell by 39.7% in the creation of jobs (in September, the country recorded the formal creation of 209,078 jobs). In comparison with October of last year, the decrease recorded in the generation of jobs was 38.4%.

Among the sectors that generate employment are services (77,201), trade (60,878) and construction (10,298).

 The grafics below shows the tendency of job creation in Brazil in the recent period.

Source: Ministry of Labor

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