Jan 6, 2015

Brazil - Maturity of Federal Debt

The maturity of the federal public debt was 43,6 months in November.2014. In the same month of the year before, it was 42.8.2 months. 

The chart below shows the evolution of the maturity of federal debt in recent period.

Maturity of debt issued by Brazilian Federal Government
Source: Central Bank of Brazil

Jan 5, 2015

Brazil: Trade Balance

The trade balance had a USD 3.9 billion deficit in 2014. The main reason for this deficit was the fall in export commodity prices, such as iron ore nd soybeans.Brazilian exports totaled USD 225.1 billion and imports USD 229 billion in 2014.

The chart below presents the recent evolution of the Brazilian trade balance.

Brazilian Trade Balance in 2014
Source: Ministry of Industry and Development